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Self-service hours in Media Library

If you are FUN members, go to another page for FUN members.

 Eligible user
- FUN students, faculty, staff
- Registered non-FUN members who hve been permitted by the chair of Media Library
 Self-service hours
FUN students & faculties
Weekdays during semester
6:30pm – 10pm
Weekdays during seasonal break
5:30pm – 10pm
10am – 7pm
Registered non-FUN members
Weekdays during semester
6:30pm – 8pm
Weekdays during seasonal break
5:30pm – 8pm

- Self-service hours for the registered non-FUN members is trail.
- Using and the conditions in self-service might be changed. We inform you before changed.

 Self-service options to service
- Reading books and journals
- Borrowing and returning books
- Access to study area

 How to use the library during self-service hours

- Library card is required. Ensure you to bring your Library card with you.
- Open the library gate using your card.

* When your card is invalid, you can’t enter the library.

Reading books and journals
You can access books, journals and magazines in the Library. After using, put it on the returning rack, not returning on the shelf by yourself.

Borrowing books

In borrowing, ensure to check out the books with Automatic Book Circulation Machine. All the library books must be properly checked out before they are taken from the library. The Library has a security gate at its exit. If you has yet to check out a book or the book has not been checked out properly, the alarm goes off as you are exiting.

Returning Books
In returning, use a posting slot beside the entrance or Automatic Book Circulation Machine.

Registered non-FUN members are allowed to use the Library until 8pm. The main entrance of the University building is closed at the same time. Non-FUN members are asked to cooperate with security guard in leaving promptly after 8pm.

- Watch your personal belongings. Do not leave them unattended. We cannot be responsible for unattended items.We recommend using a locker near the entrance.
- Please report security violations or inappropriate behavior promptly to a security guard.

 Please note
- Please cooperate in maintaining a pleasant and silent study environment for all library users.
- Eating and drinking in the library is prohibited.
- Use library materials and equipment with care.
- When you cannot access to the Library with a valid ID card, it is highly probable that your ID card has some errors in magnetic field. You cannot use the Library on that day. Please contact to a service desk later.