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Future University Hakodate Doctoral Theses 

 Publication of Doctoral Theses
Since the regulations concerning academic degree have been revised, the doctoral theses which were conferred the degree in 2013 or later are publicized on the Future University Hakodate Academic Archive (Repository). As for those before 2013, the theses are publicized only if the authors approve.

Access to Doctoral Theses
The doctoral theses not available on the Repository can be browsed on the terminal for FUN theses placed in the Media Library or available in the form of book. If you would like to access to them, please fill out the request form and submit it to the service counter at the Media Library. People who are not the faculty or the staff members of the University need to contact the Media Library in advance.
You may make a copy of the theses (less than a half-length of a thesis) within the purview of copyright. Permission of the author is required to make a copy of full-text.

Author (Last, First)TitleLanguageDegreeDiploma No.Date of Conferment
Huihui, WuOn achieving covertness and secrecy in wirelessENGDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 57Sep. 16, 2021
Chan, GaoProtocol design and performance analysis for covert communications in relay-assisted wireless systemsENGDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 56Sep. 16, 2021
Yuta, FurudateAutomated quantification method of hand motor function recovery by using finger rehabilitation device at homeJPNDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 55Mar. 22, 2021
Yasunori, SannomiyaDoctoral dissertation exploring a dialogic design method through the process of activity based design from practitioner’s perspectiveJPNDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 54Mar. 22, 2021
Shun, SawadaConstruction of a signal-symbol mutual optimization framework for symbol emergence for musicJPNDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 53Mar. 22, 2021
Sato, KeiichiMethod of Identifying attack movements using deep learning for Introduction to paired karate competitionJPNDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 52Mar. 22, 2021
Shunsuke, toNon-linearity of thermal heterocomplex molecules from amino acids that can contribute to the origin of lifeJPNDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 51Mar. 22, 2021
Xiaochen, LiSecure protocol design for mobile Ad Hoc NetworksENGDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 50Sep. 17, 2020
Briane Paul V, SamsonMotivational techniques that aid drivers to choose unselfish routesENGDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 49Sep. 17, 2020
Ji, HeSecure communication protocol design for buffer-aided relaying systemsENGDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 48Sep. 17, 2020
Ryota, OguraImprovement of nighttime image visibility for pedestrian recognition at nighttime driving sceneJPNDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 47Sep. 17, 2020
Thomas, James, Tiam-LeeAffective modelling and feedback in programming practice systemsENGDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 46Mar. 23, 2020
Pinchang, ZhangPhysical layer authentication for wireless communicationsENGDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 45Mar. 23, 2020
Hirotoshi, FukudaCo-Creation through associated sketches by participantsJPNDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 44Mar. 23, 2020
Toru, NagashimaResearch on Robust Object Classification Method to Variation of the Number of Scan Lines Using Low-resolution LIDARJPNDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 43Sep. 19, 2019
Liu, XiaolanLow-latency Data Uploading in D2D-enabled Cellular NetworksENGDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 42Sep. 19, 2019
Hiroya, MiuraInteractive information structuring based on hierarchical relationships among utterances in discussionJPNDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 41Mar. 22, 2019
Liu, BoEnergy efficient data collection in body areaENGDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 40Mar. 22, 2019
Xuening, LiaoPhysical layer security performance study for Two-Hop wireless networks with Buffer-Aided relay selectionENGDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 39Sep. 20, 2018
Kaori, ChibaFundamental study on home finger rehabilitation support device for patient with cerebrovascular disease sequelaJPNDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 38Sep. 20, 2018
Wang, WuOn performance modeling of 3D mobile ad hoc networksENGDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 37Mar. 23, 2018
Ma, LishengData center network placement and data backup against region failuresENGDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 36Sep. 21, 2017
Development of intelligent chemical robot with implementation of metabolism model : expression of autonomous selection and locomotion by dispersion - flocculation OscillationJPN Doctor of Systems Information Science No. 35 Mar. 23, 2017  
Yuanyu, Zhang Physical layer security performance study for wireless networks with cooperative jamming ENGDoctor of Systems Information Science No. 34 Mar. 23, 2017 
Emotion-focused methodology for smart device sensingJPN Doctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 33Mar. 23, 2017 
Liu, Jia
On the performance of two-hop relay mobile ad hoc networks under buffer constraintENGDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 32Sep. 16, 2016
Designing e-reader for Japanese text based on perceptual mechanisms of readingJPNDoctor of Systems Information Science 
No. 31Sep. 16, 2016
Konno, ShinsukePersonal authentication method based on features of walking motion by introducing multibiometricsJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 30Mar. 24, 2016
Yang, BinPerformance Studies for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Erasure Coding and f-cast RelayENGDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 29Sep. 17, 2015
Honda, KazuakiResearch on the optimization method for M2M systemsJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 28Sep. 17, 2014
Yin, ChenExact throughput capacity studies for mobile ad hoc networksENGDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 27Mar. 24, 2014
Zhu, JinxiaoPerformance of physical layer security under correlated fading wire-tap channelENGDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 26Mar. 24, 2014
Gao, JuntaoDelay and capacity studies for mobile ad hoc networks with transmission-group based MAC protocolENGDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 25Mar. 24, 2014
Enomoto, KoichiroImage-based Seabed Monitoring for Fishery Resource EstimationJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 24Mar. 24, 2014
Tanaka, AkiraStudy on Model-based Design and Development Method for Extensible Enterprise ApplicationsJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 23Mar. 24, 2014
Maeda, YujiA study of information network infrastructure and utilization of ICT to realize resilient societyJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 22Mar. 21, 2013
Wakahara, TakumiPractical reinforcement learning for long delayed reward problemsJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 21Mar. 21, 2013
Lin, Chia-YinResearch on experience sampling methods using mobile communication environmentsJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 20Mar. 21, 2013
Chuang, Yu-LiSituation, tools and human relationships related to ESMJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 19Mar. 21, 2013
Kunita, ItsukiMovement regulation of a sliding actin filament in a reconstruction motility assay systemJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 18Mar. 18, 2011
Hayashi, KyoheiAcoustic modeling of speech production for vowelsJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 17Mar. 18, 2011
Mochida, TakemiA study on the mechanisms of sensorimotor interactions in production and perception of speech phonemesENGDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 16Mar. 18, 2011
Nakajima, ToshiyaEfficient algorithms for pairing-based cryptography using supersingular elliptic curvesJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 15Mar. 19, 2010
Ogawa, KoheiAssessments of influences of agent's embodiment on human-artifact interactionJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 14Mar. 19, 2010
Oomiya, KentaDesign of indirect behavior for reward based autonomous agentsJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 13Mar. 19, 2010
Hyodo, KazuyukiBiped passive dynamic walking robot with foot shape having constraining effectsJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 12Mar. 19, 2009
Sekiguchi, KatsumiAn enhancement of transmission control protocol for the next generation mobile internet accessJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 11Mar. 19, 2009
Kanno, YuukiResearch on advanced information technology for circulation and support technique for marine productsJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 10Mar. 19, 2009
Munekata, NagisaAn interactive system which can build an sustained relationship between users and artifactsJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 9Mar. 19, 2008
Sakamoto, DaisukeA study on interaction design for humanoid robots as a communication mediumJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 8Mar. 19, 2008
Wada, ShihomiModeling methods for social simulation using laboratorial experimentsJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 7Mar. 19, 2008
Yokoyama, ShinNetwork security in ad hoc networksJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 6Mar. 19, 2008
Yamaguchi, NorioA study of butler-type service architecture for ubiquitous health-care and its application possibilityJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 5Mar. 19, 2008
Okita, MakotoWeb browsing technology in mobile environment with use of server conversion methodJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 4Mar. 19, 2008
Camille VuillaumeLow-cost high-speed public key cryptosystemsENGDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 3Sep. 28, 2007
Matsui, HarumiA study on a catalyst development system based on combinational chemistry –combinatorial optimization problems and evolutionary computation-JPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 2Mar. 19, 2007
Terasawa, KengoA study on organizing intellectual assets by applying image indexing technique to digital archivesJPNDoctor of Systems Information ScienceNo. 1Mar. 20, 2006