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Reprints Desk Document Delivery

Faculty and some students can use “Reprints Desk Document Delivery” which enable you to download journal articles Media Library has not owned.
Media Library absorbs all the cost of this service. Request the necessary journal articles after reading the following "How to use this service".

 Outline of “Reprints Desk Document Delivery”

What is Reprints Desk Document Delivery
Reprints Desk Document Delivery is a service provided by Reprints Desk, Inc. (USA) to deliver copyright-compliant journal articles in PDF format. After receiving our order online, Reprints Desk sends you an email with URL, and then you can download the articles. The majority of articles can be delivered within a few hours to a day. Using this service, you can get journal articles promptly even if the library has not owned.

Reprints Desk specializes in scientific, technical and medical journals of the major publishers and the academic societies in Europe and the United States. (Japanese journals are not included.) For the details, refer to Reprints Desk.

Fee of journal articles
About 5,000 yen per 1 article (included copyright royalty rate)

 How to use this service

Eligible user
Faculty, Doctoral course students, International students

Get journal articles
Only 3 steps to get journal article through Document delivery.
  1. Faculty or Students:
    Send the information of the article (title, author, journal title, vols., DOI, URL) you want to obtain to the Library by e-mail.
    email: lib@fun.ac.jp.
  2. Library:
    Order the article to Reprints Desk.
    *Articles a doctoral course student and an international student request would be ordered after getting permission from his/her advisor.
  3. Faculty:
    Receive an e-mail included URL from Reprints Desk. You can download the article from the URL. The majority of the articles can be delivered within a few hours (or a day at most).

The cost of this document delivery service is paid from the Library budget. When the total amounts of cost reach the budget limit, we may decline your request.
Please contact the Library for the details of the budget.


  • Ensure that you comply with the copyright law when using journal articles obtained by this service.
  • The article may be downloaded only once.
  • Journal articles by the Library budget is what Reprints Desk Document Delivery can provide. If you want to get journal articles Reprints Desk doesn’t have, get photocopy of documents form other university library or purchase it from your research expenses.